My research is motivated by my background in both engineering and music, and is centred around the Music Information Retrieval field. I try to understand the way humans describe music (in terms of melody, tonality, similarity, style or emotion) and emulate these descriptions with intelligent systems dealing with large datasets.

Starting from music, I research on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) into human behaviour. My interests are on the impact of AI on how we work, our decisions, creativity and children´s cognitive and socio-emotional development.

You can check my recent publications at HUMAINT web page and the most cited ones at google scholar or researcherID.  I am co-editor in chief of TISMIR.

Current/recent research projects:

Some technologies I have contributed to:

  • Essentia: Open-source library and tools for audio and music analysis, description and synthesis (with MTG group).
  • MELODIA: Melody extraction vamp plugin (with Justin Salamon)
  • HPCP: Harmonic Pitch Class Profiles vamp plugin (with Jordi Bonada)