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Sevilla también es Ciencia

Very happy to be among the 29 scientists working in Seville that are outlined in the exhibition “Seville is also Science”.

The exhibition shows 29 images of researchers who carry out their activity in the city and who belong to the different institutions that are part of the recently established “Science Roundtable” of the city: the universities of Seville, Pablo de Olavide, Loyola and UNIA, the Science Park and Tecnológico Cartuja, the Higher Council for Scientific Research and the Joint Research Center, European Comission. The exhibition has been opened last week in the city centre.

There is also a short explanation of my work (in Spanish).

It is a big

More info here.

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III INterdisciplinary Conference in FLAmenco Research (INFLA 2012) and II International Workhop of Folk Music Analysis (FMA 2012)

I am co-organizing an international scientific event in my city, Seville, which is in fact, the most wonderful event I can think of at the moment: flamenco, folk music, music computing, april, Sevilla!

You can find at the web all the needed information. I am very happy as I think it will be an amazing event and an oportunity for everyone to come to the Feria de Sevilla this year 🙂

I hope many people will join.

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