Teaching & mentoring

Teaching material

I have taught several courses in Sound and Music Computing at Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya and Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Some recent open teaching material:

PhD supervision

I am now supervising the following PhD students:

  1. Pritish Chadna, (2017), PhD student in choir analysis synthesis and sound source separation, TROMPA project.
  2. Helena Cuesta (2017), PhD student in choir singing analysis, TROMPA project.
  3. Juan Gómez (2018), PhD student, TROMPA project.
  4. Lorenzo Porcaro (2018), PhD student, TROMPA project.
  5. Furkan Yesiler (2018), PhD student at MIP-frontiers project.
  6. Marina Escobar (2020), PhD student at HUMAINT team.

PhD supervision 

  1. Blai Meléndez (2016-2020), Relative Music Loudness Estimation In TV Broadcast Audio Using Deep Learning, co-supervised with Emilio Molina, industrial PhD with BMAT (Barcelona, Audio and Music Technologies).
  2. Andrés Pérez (2017-2020), Parametric Analysis of Ambisonic Audio: Contributions to methods, applications and data generation, co-supervised with Adán Garriga, industrial PhD with Eurecat.
  3. Olga Slizovskaya (2016-2020) Audio-visual approaches in music information retrieval (co-supervised by Gloria Haro).
  4. Perfecto Herrera. MIRages: an account of music audio extractors, semantic description and context-awareness, in the three ages of MIR. My supervised supervisor (co-supervised by Xavier Serra), defended in December 12th 2018.
  5. Marius Miron Source separation methods for orchestral music: timbre-informed and score-informed strategies. (co-supervised by Jordi Janer), defended in February 8th, 2018.
  6. Juan J. Bosch, ‘From Heuristics-Based to Data-Driven Audio Melody Extraction’, PhD program in ICTs, defended in July 2017.
  7. Álvaro Sarasúa, ‘Musical Interaction Based on the Conductor Metaphor, PhD program in Information, Communication and Audiovisual Technologies – DTIC, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, June 2017.
  8. Agustín Martorell (PhD 2009-2013) Modelling tonal context dynamics by temporal multi-scale analysis
  9. Justin Salamon (PhD 2008-2013) Melody Extraction from Polyphonic Music Signals.
  10. Jose Zapata (PhD 2009-2013) Comparative Evaluation and Combination of Automatic Rhythm Description Systems.

I have also supervised a number of master and undergraduate students.