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Human and Machine Intelligence: a Music Information Retrieval perspective

I had the honor to be invited as keynote speaker at the International Conference on Computational Creativity 2020. The conference took place in a virtual format given the health emergency situation. In my talk, I discussed on the different motivations for music information retrieval, the paradigm shift from knowledge-driven to data-driven systems, the main challenges of this field of research and its impact on society.

It was an interesting experience to give a virtual keynote. First, it was a lot of work to prepare for the keynote, including recording the video properly at home. In addition, I missed the experience of seeing people’s faces and expression when listening to your talk. This visual feedback is really important to see how people react to the different parts of your talk. And I missed the travel and visit to beautiful Coimbra. Virtual events also have positive sides, as the confort of speaking at home, accessibility for anyone in the world to follow on streaming, and all energy saved by people not travelling to sites.

You can watch it in youtube! Any comment or feedback is welcome.

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A los seres humanos siempre nos quedará la creatividad, una máquina no puede crear ¿mito o realidad?

Un artículo muy interesante de Esther Paniagua sobre la creatividad computacional donde comento que un algoritmo de generación de sonido o música puede ser creativo por sí mismo y generar material musical interesante, complementando la creatividad humana. El artículo incluye muchos ejemplos interesantes de arte creado por algoritmos y de opiniones sobre si las máquinas pueden crear. Pues sí, es una realidad!


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