I coordinate the the Music Information Research lab of the Music Technology Group and I am now supervising the following PhD students:

  • Marius Miron (2013-) Source separation in symphonic music (co-supervised by Jordi Janer).
  • Olga Slizovskaya (2016-) Audio-visual approaches in music information retrieval (co-supervised by Gloria Haro).
  • Blai Meléndez (2016-), industrial PhD with BMAT (Barcelona, Audio and Music Technologies).
  • Pritish Chadna, (2017-), PhD student of the CASAS project.
  • Andrés Pérez (2017-), industrial PhD with Eurecat.
  • Helena Cuesta (2017-), PhD student in the CASAS project.

Former students (since 2010)




Some of my dearest coauthors & collaborators (in alphabetical order)