PHENICX prototype ready to use!

In the EU-funded research project PHENICX, we have developed a prototype with which you can learn more about and enjoy classical music. It contains innovative features to visualize and explore pieces of classical music. The objective of PHENICX is to make classical music more attractive to a larger audience by means of technology. The prototype is the result of a collaboration between an orchestra, research institutes, universities, and online video application developers. I would like to invite you to try it out!

Go to  and follow the instructions to start participating!



Are you curious? I would much appreciate your input. Trying out the prototype and filling in a questionnaire will take you more or less half an hour. If you do, you have the chance to win a €50 (1x), €25 (2x), or €10 (5x) gift certificate. So please try out the prototype and support our research by answering a number of questions!



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