Academic visit to Queen Mary University of London

I am spending the summer (June-September 2015) at the Centre for digital Music, Queen Mary University of London, thanks to a José de Castillejo Fellowship from the Spanish Government.

During my stay, I am collaborating with Simon Dixon, trying to understand the criteria people use to transcribe flamenco singing, and analyse the influence of musical knowledge and exposure to flamenco music. Our ultimate goal is to improve current methods for automatic transcription, specially for this particular music.

At the same time I am getting familiar to all wonderful work carried out at C4DM, specially in the FAST_IMPACt project, leaded by Prof. Mark. Sandler. It is an EPSRC-funded research project combining Audio & Music Technology, Semantic Web, e-Science and Human-Computer Interaction, where I am part of the advisory board.

I already attended a couple of interesting events! London is a wonderful city, specially for researchers in music technology.

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