Keynote speech at the 3rd International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis


Tomorrow June 6 at 15:00 I will be giving my first keynote speech at the 3rd FMA workshop in Amsterdam. I am honored for that!

I will talk about the state of the state of the art and challenges of automatic music transcription and description technologies and I will illustrate it with some examples of the projects I have been involved in and research from other institutions. I hope the audience will enjoy it!

Keynote talk: Towards Computer-Assisted Transcription and Description of Music Recordings
By Dr. Emilia Gómez (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Automatic transcription, i.e. computing a symbolic musical representation from a music recording, is one of the main research challenges in the field of sound and music computing. For monophonic music material the obtained transcription is a single musical line, usually a melody, and in polyphonic music there is an interest in transcribing the predominant melodic line. In addition to transcribing, current technologies are able to extract other musical descriptions related to tonality, rhythm or instrumentation from music recordings. Automatic description could potentially complement traditional methodologies for music analysis.
In this talk I will first present the state-of-the art on automatic transcription and description of music audio signals. I will illustrate it with our own research on tonality estimation, melodic transcription and rhythmic characterization. I will show that, although current research is promising, current algorithms are still limited in accuracy and there is a semantic gap between automatic feature extractors and expert analyses.
Finally, I will present some strategies to address these challenges by developing methods adapted to different repertoire and defining strategies to integrate expert knowledge into computational models, as a way to build systems following a “computer-assisted” paradigm.



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