Teaching Music Information Retrieval: courses, resources and funding!


I proposed a session on teaching Music Information Retrieval at ISMIR in Porto last week, as part as its Demo/Late-break session. As a result of this session, we decided to create a site to centralize teaching resources related to Music Information Retrieval. It is addressed to teachers and students interested on these technologies from an educational point of view. Current resources include:

  • List of courses: list of courses related to MIR in different levels, institutions and countries.
  • Educational resources: collaborative list of small teaching material: exercises, musical examples, code.

I am very happy because of the great contribution by the community so far. There are many course already there (I think most of them!) and few great education resources. I hope it’s just the start!

In terms of funding, UPF’s teaching innovation services (plaQUID) got interested, and I got some funding to have a larger impact of MIR & teaching in our local context.


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