HPCP pluging available for free download


We finally managed to share a simple version of our algorithm for chroma feature extraction (Harmonic Pitch Class Profile) with the research community by means of a vamp plugin. It’s currently available for windows, but we hope it will be soon available for MacOS and LINUX. You can find it here.

I am very happy for the success we had with the MELODIA plugin by Justin and I hope people will find this one interesting, even if the algorithm is from 2006!

The HPCP is an approach for chroma feature extraction. It provides a frame representation of the relative intensity of each pitch-class within an octave. I developed it as part of my PhD thesis and it has been extensively used for different Music Information Retrieval applications such as key and chord estimation, cover version identification, music structure analysis, classification and recommendation.

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19/10/2012 · 13:21

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