INFLA 2010

Last week I attended a small conference on flamenco research in Seville: INvestigacion y FLAmenco (INFLA 2010). It’s the second edition of an interdisciplinary conference on flamenco research, and one of the few existing ones devoted to flamenco music. I took part as a organizer and scientific committee member.

There were presentations related to flamenco research from a varied set of disciplines including (ethno)musicology, literature, medicine, computer science and music education. In addition, the conference included two concerts as side activities of the Flamenco Bienal, one of the most relevant flamenco events in Seville. Researchers came mainly from Spain but also from USA, France and Mexico. The conference was in spanish.

It was an enriching event, although there were many different approaches and methodologies followed, it’s sometimes difficult to understand everything. I particulary enjoyed a talk on a practical approach to flamenco music in primary education. The author has developped a blog for teaching flamenco in primary education, which includes a set of activities and teaching material.

I also liked a talk on flamenco dancing and interaction between flamenco performers. Finally, I was very interested on a study on the use of semiotic analysis to study the origin and evolution of the “petenera” style, by JM Hernández Jaramillo and Lénica Reyes. They have developed a computational model that analyses scores. I hope they will publish this work soon.

We also had a presentation of the COFLA project by Paco Gómez.

I hope there will be more editions of this conference, I will definitively contribute to it!

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